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How to Get Mortgage Loans with Bad Credit

As you know, these days homes top the priority list of every individual. However, a lot depends on the individuals credit score when it comes to getting an approval for the loans. For those, who do not have a satisfactory credit score, getting a mortgage loan is definitely a difficult task but they can also manage to get these loans with so many lenders ready to lend bad credit loans. Here are some steps which is important for a person to know when they apply for mortgage with bad credit score.

As you know, credit score is very the first thing which is checked by the lenders before lending money to the borrower. But it is not the only factor which will decide whether a person will get or qualify a loan or not. Even a person with stable job and fixed salary can qualify for loans even if one is not having good credit score with him. Even banks easily lend money to such borrowers but one needs to convince the lender that they can manage to pay off the loan with interest on time as per the agreed terms.

Here are five things which you have to keep in mind before applying for mortgage from a lender with your bad credit score.

1. Why do you have bad credit?
There are times when your lender may ask you the reason behind your bad credit score. They will like to know the reasons behind the non- payments of the loans, delays and the defaults if any. So, it is important for you to review your credit score properly and then find out ways to improve your credit score well before you apply for a loan. If in case there is any sort of unnecessary things or discrepancies in your credit score, get it rectified at the earliest.

2. Determine the amount of debt you are carrying.
If in manage to get all the discrepancies cleared from your credit report and still you find that your  credit score is low then look for the amount of debt which is left on you. In case there are too many debts on your head, which is getting difficult to manage in your monthly income then bank will not give you or approve your mortgage as they know that it is not possible for a person to manage so many debts on less salary and the situation can later turn worse with loans landing in default and eventually a loss proposition for them.

So before applying for mortgage it is important for a person to pay off some of their debts which will improve their credit score and will lower down the overall debt of a person and which will consume less part of money from their monthly salary. Even a parson should keep trying to save money by not spending in unnecessary things which can help a person to pay off their debt as soon as possible.

3. Have a higher initial down payment than usual.
Generally, in case of mortgage, an individual has to pay the down payment of 5 to 20 percent of the total cost of the house under consideration but in case of bad credit score, a person have to pay at least 20 percent down payment on the cost of house and it is suggested that a person should try to pay maximum amount of the cost of house in down payment so that they have to take less amount as a principal loan which will always be beneficial in the long run in terms of repayment.

4. How much assets do you have?
If a person is not having a good credit score but they are having too many savings and assets like bonds, investments then that person can qualify for no credit check loans easily as for lenders such people are less risky. You can use these assets as collateral against the loan amount.

5. Consider other financing options for mortgage loan.
You can look for other lending options too like federal housing administration or FHA which provides loan to people who are holding a low credit as low as 580 with them.

Getting mortgage loans can be a cakewalk, provided you do the ground work and prepare yourself in a way so as to convince the lenders that you can repay their loans as per the agreed terms without any doubt.


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