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Obstacles To Wealth

images (32)It’s interesting that most of time the remedy is right in front of our noses but is difficult to see because of our habit. It is sure to the alcoholic that all he needs to do is quit drinking. The alcohol will claim that if he does that he will reduce his drinking friends and also have to lastly face those problematic ideas that affect his mind. The remedy is apparent, quit drinking and live a longer more healthy life. Unfortunately, the choice is usually to keep on with the daily grind and fear change.

When it comes to cash, it’s no different. Most people want to have more cash. The remedy is clear, save more cash, spend well and learn yourself in finance and making an investment. The problem is that to do so needs persistence. For the modern active resident, it’s very difficult to find here we are at anything. We all want more things, and not just basic items but the best factors cash can buy like a Lexus instead of a Ford or a 60″ HDTV instead of a 40″ HDTV. The truth is that most of us can’t manage all of these things but we buy them anyway. This brings us to the first hurdle of prosperity, paying attention. Most of us take on lots of debts to buy things we “have to have”. These things usually require credit score cards that can charge anywhere from 14-25% interest moreover to charges and delayed charges. Along with these things, we over make use of ourselves by buying vehicles and homes we can’t manage. We also take on education loans that can never be discussed down, even in bankruptcy. All of this debts has a price. This price is in the form of interest rates. I challenge each one of you to look at your credit card claims and loan amount statements for loans that you have and determine how much cash you loose each year to pay the bank for things you probably didn’t need. Interest expenses are a huge customer of your wealth.


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